Low Cost DOG and CAT Vaccines at
"The Spay and Neuter Place"

New Location

343 Sixth Street, Suite G
Norco, CA 92860

Phone (951) 314-6444 - Fax (951) 493-3865
Email: starlightclinic@aol.com

We will be closed until further notice for remodeling

Questions can be Email to starlightclinic@aol.com
or call (951) 314-6444 and leave a message
We will return your call as soon as we can.

For low cost animal spay, neuter and vaccine services contact your local county animal services.
Here are a few places in our county.
Riverside County Department of Animal Services (951) 358-7387
Mary S. Robert's Adoption Center (951) 688-4340

If you need general veterinary services please contact your local veterinarian.
If you need Emergency Services please contact your local 24 hour veterinarian hospital.
Here are a couple places in our area.
Arlington Animal Emergency Hospital (951) 689-0440
VCA Central Animal Hospital (909) 981-2855
Please call ahead to verify services and hours of operation.

We will update the website with our Reopening Date soon

Please adopt a shelter animal it may be the best love you ever had!

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1834.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever any animal is delivered to any veterinarian, dog kennel, cat kennel, pet-grooming parlor, animal hospital, or any other animal care facility pursuant to any written or oral agreement entered into after the effective date of this section, and the owner of such animal does not pick up the animal within 14 calendar days after the day the animal was due to be picked up, the animal shall be deemed to be abandoned. The person into whose custody the animal was placed for care shall first try for a period of not less than 10 days to find a new owner for the animal, and, if unable to place the animal with a new owner, shall thereafter humanely destroy the animal so abandoned.

If an animal so abandoned was left with a veterinarian or with a facility which has a veterinarian, and a new owner cannot be found pursuant to this section, such veterinarian shall humanely destroy the animal. There shall be a notice posted in a conspicuous place, or in conspicuous type in a written receipt given, to warn each person depositing an animal at such animal care facilities of the provisions of this section.

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